1:1 Coaching

Everything starts inside

  • Redefine your limits
  • Achieve your impossible
  • Remove the counter-intentions blocking your success
  • Lose the shackles to your emotions – they are magnetic!
  • Rewire your brain for mental wellness & happiness
  • Discover FLOW – an inner harmony that allows you to find the beauty in wherever you are (your solution is in the journey)

There is a saying that goes something like the “pain pushes you until vision pulls”…

What if I told you I could change your life by changing your focus?

According to quantum physics, what we focus on manifests as our reality, so by constantly focusing on the problem, we fuel more of the problems in our lives. And fuel negative emotions like frustration, failure, envy and a complete lack of belief in ourselves.

Build you ~ Expand you

            And everything around you will also expand

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How much time, disappointment and frustration could you save if you bypass someone else’s steps, which may or may not be right for you, and find the answers to your health and happiness within?

  • Discover yourself and all the things you love
  • The things that set your soul on fire
  • The things that make you feel good
  • Let go of the story you have been telling yourself about your life
  • Let go of your limiting beliefs
  • Create a deeper connection with your soul and a deeper spiritual state that empowers your fulfilment
  • And let go of the fears that have been created by experiences in your past.

Your greatest self is on the other side of yourself

Let me and help you discover the potentiality in you that is untapped!

Success breeds success and barriers, excuses, hesitation breed more staying stuck.


What Can You Expect From Working With Me?

  • A significant, positive change in your mindset
  • A feeling of peace and calm, more joy & more focus and peace with your past
  • Clarity over what you actually want, what is holding you back and belief in yourself that you can
  • The realisation of your goals
  • Freedom from excuses, freedom from the shackles of your emotions, freedom from what others might think of what you are working towards, a deeper connection to your intuition and a feeling of deep empowerment to make you success happen.

Get Started Now – 1:1 Sessions $95 

Complete the form to book, call me on 0064221084165 or email me at cwfcwellness@gmail.com