About Me

I am a Mum, certified Life Coach and amateur Kickboxer who loves to travel, spend time with my family and do anything to do with fitness and wellness!

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For a long time I have been trying to find a way to answer my Soul’s Goal to impact people on a large scale and empower people in their own physical and emotional wellness.  I  am now deeply committed to empowering those open and inspired to begin discovering a new state of self-awareness and wellness, and working collectively to create a healthier society.

In May 2017 I created CW Full Circle.

I’d been made redundant a year and a half beforehand when I’d been 6 months pregnant with my second little girl. I was too pregnant to get another job, so saw it as an opportunity to become self-employed and re-train. 

My background had always been in the corporate world – sustainability/corporate responsibility – but employment was feeling less and less of a fit! So I took the plunge to train as a Life Coach.

I discovered Muay Thai 8 years ago at a time when I was struggling with PTSD. I had anxiety that was really limiting me in every area of my life and somebody suggested exercise would be helpful. I did not know at the time how this sport would be come such an integral part of my life! 

Suffering at the time with physical health problems as well as my mental health, kickboxing became a drive to be well. If I felt well I could push harder and do more and I loved how kickboxing made me feel – empowered – when in most areas of my life I felt trapped behind limits I now know I had created myself.

That is why CW Full Circle, with my coaching skills and unique wellness tools, became my mission to help people who are putting their life on layby until they feel worthy to collect on it, confident to make the investment they need (of themselves) into it and fierce enough to take on the fear that is holding them back. 

I was this person. My life was on hold. And in getting myself out of this cycle of self-sabotage I picked up a thing or two about how you can become limitless!

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