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Alison Haves, Owner Health 2000

Alison Haves is a practitioner of Nutritional Medicine and Hemaview live blood scanning.

Passionate about helping people to be proactive in their health and taking a natural approach, Alison is a strong advocate of the Helo and stocks the BioZen as a retail item in her popular Health 2000 store in Te Awamutu.

At Health 2000 Te Awamutu you can receive caring advice to help you understand your body’s biodata and find a solution to your health problems.

Wearable technology is a new way for our customers to understand their health.  Technology that measures the body’s bio-rhythms can help people see the impact life is having on their health.  It will also help them measure the success their natural health regime is having on their health.

BioZen is a critical solution to hold in our store.  Through our Hair Scanning Facility we are finding more and more people suffering the negative effects of the radiation emitted from our technology.  BioZen is the only solution on the market that expands protection to the low level waves that are causing us the most harm.  It is also scientifically proven and the only solution to be medically certified.

I look forward to our conversation about a solution that specifically works with your body’s natural healing abilities.

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