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Kickboxing has been such a huge part of my story that when I thought about creating a business that is aligned I couldn’t not include some sort of offering to help other athletes and support the gyms and facilities that do so much to help others overcome themselves.

So, I created the Mobile Mynddojo, where I travel to your business or gym, and do sessions “on location” for groups seeking to GROW!

There are three zones in the Mobile MyndDojo:- Grey Matters, Body Matters & Flow.

Flow is definitely my favourite zone. Achieving a state of Flow is where there is a Balance between the actual skills we have and the belief we have those skills.  Grey Matters focuses on the practice of Mindfulness and Body Matters focuses on breathing and nutrition.

Each zone is spilt into Info & Transfo.

Info provides information only – seminars, talks, presentations – whereas Transfo is about hands on sessions where you walk away with new skills and practices to apply outside of the MyndDojo.

MyndDojo Menu

Zone 1 – Grey Matters


Info – Self-Perception Theory, Neuroplasticity, Identity, Mental Nutrition, Positive Affirmations

Plus, overview of mindset training for athletes, which includes information on all things covered in the Transfo area

Transfo – Visualisation, New Belief Creation (understanding what we hear ourselves saying [monkey mind], what created the dialogue and how to change it, Mindset Coaching

Zone 2 – Body Matters

Breathing technique


Info – Nutrition for performance, Interoceptive Awareness, Biometric Tracking for Wellness

Transfo – Nutrition Planning, Breathing exercises, body scan meditation

Zone 3 – Flow

MeditationInfo – Balancing Challenge & Skills to avoid Fatigue, Over-training and Burnout, Understanding Fear v Belief and powerful counter intentions

Transfo – Dream Boarding, Goal Setting, Action-Awareness Process (learning to focus on the moment/process not outcome), Journaling, Meditation


For pricing and scheduling, please contact me.  

The MyndDojo comes to you at your location and you are able to select and book the Info/Transfo (or both) sessions that are most applicable to your/your team’s current situation in advance.

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