EMF Safety

This page exists because we can work hard to improve our mind and our body, but with our environment flooded with technology that is emitting radiation every moment that is slowly killing us, it is almost pointless.

Take a look at this live blood analysis during exposure to electrosmog.

This video was the first of hundreds of others, in addition to articles and papers I researched about electrosmog and its risk to me and my family.

I am now leading a Movement towards a Healthier Societal Environment where we are protected from the electrosmog that is becoming a #1 pollutant in our environment, classified possibly carcinogenic alongside lead, glyphosate and nitrates.  Our mobile phones fall into this possibly carcinogenic category and so I use a discrete sticker on this and all the technology in my home.

Take a look to understand more about electrosmog and the solution I discovered:

I am an Official Distributor of the Biozen and look forward to helping you get the Biozen on your electronic devices, so that we can collectively start to detoxify our environment and you can create the silence your mind requires to thrive!

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