From Fear to Fierce (FF2F)

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Click here to access From Fear to Fierce Online; an 8 module course to work on the one thing you have probably ignored the most… YOU.

So that you can finally take ACTION.

So you cut off all options that lead to anything less than achieving your goals.  No more excuses, hesitation, procrastination or second guesses.

So you can go forward with solutions, not problems and no longer be blocked by your limits, false starts or failures.

So you can clearly hear your inner voice and trust your gut feelings and confidently go in the direction of your success.

This short course is going to change your perspective. It is going to change your focus. And it is going to help you start to let go of the limiting beliefs and fears that have held you back for too long, so you can go forward in the direction of your greatness.

The 4 areas of your Mindset that you will work on are:

  • Clarifying the vision of what you want
  • Gaining better awareness of the past experiences that created the limiting beliefs that block you from living your most extraordinary life.
  • Controlling negative thought patterns and achieving peace of mind
  • Motivating action that walks through fear, calling its bluff.

You will become fierce in your belief you can have everything in your life that you desire, fiercely confident in your abilities and fiercely dedicated to the potential in your life.

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from fear to fierce

From Fear to Fierce is 8 Practical Exercises with helpful handouts and video support.

Don’t delay in gifting yourself freedom from your biggest limiting belief – the lack of belief in yourself. Belief blocked by fear born out of past experiences. I’ll help you to use those experiences as your greatest power to create future you want.

By becoming the person able to face your fears, by becoming fiercely in control of your thoughts and trusting your heart’s desire to go forward and step into the life that is waiting for you on the other side of yourself.

Access the Course now for NZ$499 or pay in easy monthly instalments of NZ$69.

The practical modules are delivered through video, text and attachments that should take about an hour each to complete.

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Make a choice to continue living trapped by fear or become fierce about your belief in you.

  • Change your focus from everything that is holding you back to everything you want (your potentiality untapped)
  • Finally move forward from the fears and other obstacles that have been holding you back
  • Create a vision of being where you want to be, succeeding, so powerful that you can feel it like you are already there
  • Free yourself from whatever conditioning has you feeling like you should be where you are, instead of doing what you’re truly capable of (potentiality realised).

To honour who we really are and what we really want we have to become Fierce.

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We have to look back on our experiences of the past that have created limiting fears with brand new eyes and productive perspective. The stories we tell ourselves about what has happened in our lives stop us going forward.

from fear to fierce

Change everything by changing your mind

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