Life Through a Lens

We all have a mindset.

It’s at the core of our abundance and success. If we choose to see problems we’ll find them and if we choose to see opportunity we’ll find it.


We see what we want to see.

We create our reality with our thoughts. Our perception is created through our experiences that give us a certain mindset – closed or open, negative or positive, optimistic or pessimistic.

In my book, Life Through a Lens, I help you change your perspective and your perception.

🌱I help you to be able to focus on plenty when there is lack.
🌱I help you take your focus away from the problem even if problems penetrate every area of your life.
🌱I help you remove the label you have placed over your situation and I help you change your perception of wealth and success.

It all starts with intention. And it comes full circle with action.

Because everyone has a story.

Everyone has scars.

What makes us STAND OUT (and brings us true joy and fulfilment) is when we STAND UP for the potential and purpose locked in our story and SHOW UP to give other people HOPE!

Mary Kate O’Connell, who writes a beautiful Foreward for the book says: ” In Life Through a Lens, Clare steps out masterfully to help you uncover and overcome the challenges you face, her insights become your gift. Whether you are at an impasse today and long to move forward, or are simply in a holding pattern, the choice is yours. Unwrap the gift. Let Life Through a Lens speak to your heart and move you to embrace the life you long to live and the success that awaits you.”

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Life Through a Lens is a Memoir being written in partnership with the Iracambi Research and Conservation Centre in East Brazil.  USD$5 from every pre-order and sale will be donated directly to Iracambi for the planting and maintenance of trees.

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