How to Get your DNA Test

how to_DNA1. Choose between a DNA test

Or a Vyvo Smart Kit including DNA test

What is the difference?

A DNA test gives you your body’s genetic blueprint and baseline nutritional and fitness advice, including:

  • A suggested grocery list
  • Your ideal nutritional composition
  • Suggested supplements to fill genetic nutritional gaps
  • Suggested exercise for best/fastest results

You can use this information for your meal planning or to take to a specialist for more in depth planning, or use in 1:1 Coaching with me to develop a nutrition and /or fitness plan.

The Vyvo Smart kit, on the other hand, allows you to take charge of how your genes EXPRESS. Explore the Vyvo Smart Kit further here

Our stress levels, environment, physical activity and our overall lifestyle all contribute to gene expression – or how our cells respond to their changing environment.

What we eat is no exception. The nutrients in our food interact with our genes. The study of this interaction is known as Nutrigenomics.

The Vyvo Smart Kit enables you to personalise your nutrition and exercise plan even further, by taking into account your evolving individual lifestyle factors that affect how your genes express in terms of ill health, low energy, weight gain and other issues.

2. Choose your preferred support

  • With the DNA Test you get no additional support over and above your 22 Page Plus Health & Wellness Report and recommendations.
  • Add a 1:1 Coaching session to develop a nutrition and/or fitness plan for $65
  • Upgrade to a Vyvo Smartlife Kit and get $200 off a Biosense band to measure your personal biometrics, one month’s access to the SmartLife Oracle for personalised nutrition and fitness recommendations and one month’s supply of Personalised Supplements.
    • Get Vyvo Smart Kit for $369.
    • Choose to continue with your monthly subscription for $99.90/month to continue nutrition and fitness personalised recommendations and supplements personalised to your unique needs.

Or, get all your needs covered in ONE PACKAGE, through CW Full Circle Light

CW Full Circle Light gives you access to Vyvo Smart Life plus a monthly coaching session for accountability, trouble shooting and to keep you on track!  And includes your first coaching session FREE of charge.

3. Click here to order your DNA Test or Vyvo Smart Kit

*** All prices on this page are quoted in US Dollars