Extreme Wellness

Hacking our way to better brains, bodies and overall well-being!

With access to world class technology, the power to become the best we can be has never been more attainable! From body and brain hacks to personalized wellness, the pursuit of wellness has never been more extreme.

Biohacking (building a better you through biology) is becoming extremely personal.  For example, hacking the body’s basic make-up through genetics that deliver precision healthcare and ‘brain optimization’ through technology to reach a deeper spiritual state.

Everything is possible.

And everything starts within.

I’m passionate about empowering people in their wellness and working to our strengths.

I’m also passionate about positive change in a healthcare system that is broken.  Rates of obesity, mental illness, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more are all rising.

I became passionate about wellness when my first daughter was born. She was born with health challenges that really knocked us over. I learnt a lot, not only about how to heal her, but about how to heal myself. And who knew I needed so much healing!

I became very aware that my lifestyle had impacted my inner health greatly and this presented in my weak immune system, auto-immune disease, recurrent gut/bladder issues and even depression.

Then I got seriously involved in training as a Muay Thai athlete and the biohacking began!  I wanted to be the best, the strongest, the fittest and began to seriously redefine my limits…

Now I’m on a mission.

There are literally 1000 products and services out there claiming to help you with your diet, sleep, stress, and exercise and it’s so overwhelming for people.  It just leads people to take no action, and then reach out to doctors once already ill to be fixed.

The weight of this on our healthcare systems is too much.  80% of healthcare spending is acute, leaving only 20% for research and development into prevention and cures.  Over 70% of the diseases that are killing us are preventable.  They are in our control if we take early action.  Many find it easier, more comfortable to do nothing, but let’s be honest, the opposite of wellness is miserable! So I found a way to support people to choose a solution personalised to their own needs and know confidently that it’s working to progress you towards your wellness goals.

This solution came in form of technology that helped me understand my body better,..

To understand more about the changes that can transform your health, read on…