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Clare Williamson is an Accredited Life Coach and Founder of CW Full Circle.

Clare is trained under the International Coaching Federation principles and has deep personal experience that she brings into her coach approach.

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From Fear to Fierce is Clare’s signature course; a short course born out of her own experience across the period of 12 months. In a fast-paced society she hopes to fast track you to your own success by giving you insight into yourself, better understanding of yourself, practical tools to make changes and begin a journey of inner healing and sharing her most important learnings.

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FF2F Course

In 2004 Clare suffered an experience that would change her life. Whilst travelling around South America she was drugged and raped. For 14 years after this attack Clare built a world that was a nice, safe bubble. She developed a deep anxiety disorder that prevented her wandering outside of that safe bubble and made decisions from that place, thought from that place and acted from that place.

Clare originally trained to be a Life Coach in 2016, but found it difficult to “put herself out there” whilst trapped by the same fears that had held her back for so many years.

It wasn’t until 2017 that Clare decided to take control of her life, by taking control of her fear. This didn’t come in the way she had always feared it would; by opening the boxes that she had locked down tight to let the demons out. With a transformational Life Coach of her own, Clare learned to rewire her mind and take action that dissolved the fears, and changed her life by changing her focus.

Clare’s coaching uses the practices of neuro-linguistic programming and law of attraction. She is known and loved for her positivity and energy. And she has a mission to change the world one mind at a time.

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