Overcoming Anxiety

If you do not believe you can do it, then you have no chance at all ~ Arsene Wenger

In 2017 I realised I was TRAPPED. For 11 years I had been suffering with crippling anxiety and I’d reached a point where it had stopped my life in its tracks.

Everybody experiences things as we journey through our lives, even if we don’t suffer from anxiety, our freedom gets less and less.  Like a lens being narrowed.  Our beliefs, the beliefs of others, our experiences, societal norms all narrow what we believe is possible for us and this energy of fear and doubt limits our abundance.




At the beginning all we experience is joy and wonder, but every experience is another frame narrower to a point in adulthood where we find ourselves boxed in by the walls that we have built for ourselves.

Are Limiting Beliefs Blocking Your Abundance?

In the world of manifestation, we know that thoughts become things so how can The Law of Attraction and anxiety co-exist?

The Law of Attraction is all about mindset control; something that as an anxious person I really struggled with.

My thoughts were in overdrive. They were controlling me. They were destroying me.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield 

But even those without anxiety are being trapped in the same way by doubt. A “harmless” doubt, a fleeting thought can open the floodgates to a washout of negative thought chatter.

Which is bad for those without anxiety, and really bad for those with it because in The Law of Attraction like attracts like…

So anxious feelings attract the scenarios that breed even more panic and fear, rather than abundant wellness, happiness, financial abundance or love, or whatever abundance you are seeking.  If we don’t fully believe in ourselves, if we suffer anxiety or any low feeling, we will never attract the abundance that we want. And if we try anyway through our actions (I worked harder and harder until I burnt out), our energy gives away our lack of belief and we fail.

Our energy and our belief are critical to the success and abundance we experience in our life.

This is the Law of Attraction in ACTION

This is true to every type of abundance.  Whether you want more money, more friends, more experiences or more wellness. If we don’t have what we want in our life right now, a good place to start is changing our energy and belief about we believe is possible for us.  And the good news is that if you are suffering with anxiety, this could be the very thing that takes it away.

And all you need to believe at the point you read that statement is that it’s your time to break through and truly believe it is possible to have better and be better, and truly believe in our ability to make it happen.

Our energy is how we transfer that belief.

I am a Certified Life Coach and can work with you to change your personal vibration, so that only positivity, passion and certainty emanates from your being. Only through doing this will you get everything you want in your life.

Abundance to me is love, wellness and impact, and an abundance of all of them flowing freely through my life.

“Free” ~ “Freedom”

Through my own personal development journey I discovered Freedom is my #1 value in life: Moral Freedom, intellectual freedom, emotional freedom, time freedom.

When the day came for me when I decided I was no longer going to “drive” my life, this was my powerful why.

Now I believe, having got to know myself and my strengths, that my “over-sensitivity” is a gift.

It enables me to imagine more and feel more, and for the Law of Attraction this is an advantage!

I spent so long living within the confines of the labels I had been given “Anxiety”, “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”, “Depressed” (this latter the most damaging for me as my mum has Bipolar Disorder and I’d always feared I would end up with it too.)  When I reframed what I was suffering as a gift, suddenly what I was experiencing became an opportunity.  Not to heal, but to figure out what I was so over-sensitive to that was giving me such negative ‘side effects’.  This began, randomly, with monitoring my body’s whispers with a life-sensing technology!

What I became immediately aware of was how my body was responding to events in my daily life and my environment.  From here I could make positive changes to my schedule, my influences and my ‘daily rhythm’.

Previously my daily rhythm was pretty much just a BIG RUSH of working too hard and putting everyone else first.  So I thought about what I could do for me and made that a non-negotiable – Meditation, Visualisation, Better Sleep.

Then I revisited my nutrition and exercise using precision DNA testing to guide me.

And finally I made friends with my “monsters”.  Despite the rape that really was a significant traumatic event that definitely was the start of my anxiety, there were a lot more experiences that had lead up to my fragility at the point of the rape, mentally.  I had to unravel all of it and look at it all from another perspective and the beliefs each experience had lead me to have about myself and the world I lived in.  The majority of them were erroneous and didn’t serve me.  What if that awful event, as traumatising as it was at the time, SAVED ME?  It made life stop in its tracks so that I could see it for what it was… completely misaligned to the real me and everything that brings me joy.

I avoided this ‘retrospection’ for so long. Of course I’d shared the stories early on in therapy, but ultimately that hadn’t changed anything or the effects of the events on me. However, looking back in a different way, with a different lens, was refreshing and enlightening.  I could physically feel the shackles to the emotions I had held onto for so long, falling away.  Ultimately, the journey I took to change my life and meet my monsters face to face was easy compared to the torture I’d experienced for years from them within my own mind.  And in discovering myself and my ‘Soul Goal’ along the same journey, I realised my pain was my purpose, in a good way, I could help to turn other people’s pain into hope.

If you are reading this and you are suffering with anxiety I know you will have read to this point.  You will be reading and hoping for the answer you need to make your own torture stop and I hope at this point you do see hope.

There’s always a way out. Sometimes we just need a reason to try. Oftentimes we need the tools to dig a path and every time we need empowerment, not labels or a death sentence. You don’t have to take your anxiety and depression to the grave, there is a way out, if you are willing to go within.

I know I have mentioned a lot of steps that were part of my journey – nutrition, exercise, mindset, meditation, mindfulness. So where does someone start to heal themselves? How do you avoid the overwhelm?  I really found myself pondering the answer to this question after a Wim Hof seminar I attended.

Despite my exceptionally improved state (what I’d call as almost completely healed), anxiety got the better of me as I took the Ice Bath that is part of the Wim Hof Method.

When I got into the ice my breath was stolen from me and it took me by surprise! Like a fear of the fear. The ice taking my breath away was like the feeling of not being able to breathe in a panic attack and that made me start to panic. But then I did what I’ve learned. Breathe and step out (not the ice 😉).  I breathed through. I rationalised. I’m in ice. My body is cold. I need to breathe to make it easier on myself and suddenly space came for air to get through.

The long and short is that recovery from anxiety and depression is physical as well as mental and both are a screaming symptom of our body being out if its naturally balanced state.  And the body will always remember its trauma, but that doesn’t mean that we always have to let the feelings win.

We can take control with our mindset, so I believe this is where everything must start and this is where I can help.  I will also help you to prioritise what is out of balance the most, so that we can make a plan to get your back into a healthy equilibrium (homeostasis).

After I took the Wim Hof Method seminar I do believe breathing is powerful and will be incorporating the method into my recommendations.  Wim Hof is changing medical opinion and fascinating scientists for a reason.  There is now the belief that the deep breathing has a positive effect on inflammation, which is the root cause of virtually ALL disease.

So, with our body, our daily habits, our environment, our mindset and nutrition, we all have the power to achieve and maintain a healthy equilibrium and homeostasis.

We don’t need medication or supplements or other “cures”, everything we need is within us (although I deeply believe essential oils and other natural remedies are amazing at calming symptoms while we work on ourselves.)  Biohacks, like reducing inflammation through breathing, and upregulating/downregulating our DNA, as well as stopping the process of acute inflammation in its tracks completely to prevent it from becoming chronic all supports the key epigenetic factors that can positively impact our wellbeing at the cellular level.

It starts by understanding what we need.  Speak to me today about a free Breakthrough Call to see where I can help you with your own anxiety journey.