Personalised Wellness

Personalised Wellness is a leading edge, innovative way to:

  • Take control of your health & wellness

  • Target food and exercise choices to your body’s unique needs

  • Access extremely personalised nutrition, diet & fitness plans

In 2017 I linked arms with a company that promised to personalise wellness using advanced technology,  sequenced with Precision DNA testing, with the data collected crunched through the super power of patented artificial intelligence.

In 2019 this solution was completed to provide a hyper-personalised solution to chronic disease, ageing, growing blood sugar conditions, weight loss, fitness and beauty needs.

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Monthly Personalised Nutrition & Fitness Plans

Receive an actionable health and wellness report through Artificial Intelligence that sequences your DNA information with your continuous, real-time, biometric data.  Talk to me about how this works!

Monthly Personalised Nutrition

Receive ‘tailor-made for you’ monthly nutrition to overcome your personal vitamin deficiencies.  These are a cause of many health problems and it is very difficult in our modern day world to meet our body’s needs nutritionally, but we can also have genetic spelling mistakes that mean we have difficulty processing the micronutrients from the food we eat.  Your DNA test will reveal all of this important information.

A broad multivitamin is great, but MORE is not necessarily BETTER. Every micro-nutrient has a level at which it’s useful and a level at which you get too much. And one size does not fit all, so what you need will be different to the next person…

Through my system you will receive an all-in-one, sublingual powder (for maximum absorption), based on your biometrics and DNA to reflect your body’s unique needs.

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