The Day She Found Her Fierce & He Found His Heart

Once upon a time a little girl and a little boy were born; in separate homes to separate parents in separate worlds.  The boy’s mother loved her son more than she ever thought she could feel love.  The girl’s mum loved her daughter so much she thought her heart might explode into a thousand pieces.  The dads of the children held their babies tight in their arms and promised to always be there for them, always provide for them and always keep them safe.

As the little boy grew, he started to get stronger on his feet and one day he fell and grazed his knees.  His parents rushed over and said, “come now my son, big boys don’t cry.”  One day in the playground, as the baby girl became a confident child she saw the boy and his friends building sticks and she rushed over to be told, “this game is not for you little girl, go play with the other girls and their dolls.”

Slowly as the pair grew up in their separate worlds with their separate friends they each were slowly robbed of half of the self they had been born with all those years ago. The boy was robbed of living from his heart space and the girl was robbed of her ferocity, and so they followed the paths that fit the selves that were left, until one day they both realised they were unhappy.

The boy was now a man; a strong man with a good job and a loving wife and his own children.  The girl was a loving wife with her own children who she loved so hard she felt her world would cease to exist without them.  But something had happened within both of them for different reasons, which broke them apart so violently that their insides became raw and they could be honest about what they knew they had lost from within themselves.  The man felt like the words were missing to describe the feelings he felt and so he replaced the words with stuff.  The woman got real with the dreams life had taken away from her and she became so fierce in her pursuit of them that she frightened herself.

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Both the man and the woman came full circle, back to what they had always been by connecting to the inner knowing of their souls. A knowing that cannot be explained, only felt. Maybe in some ways, in this way, the woman also connected to her heart space because in being everything to everyone else she lost her compassion for herself.  In finding what both had lost they felt light, free, expanded and alive. They began to live by their intuition.  They faced walking alone as they listened to the feelings the energy of others created within them and decided feeling good was worth the sacrifice of losing all that was no longer aligned to who they were.

As the woman stood in front of her man who had loved her when she was incomplete he now felt threatened and disconnected from her fierce, authentic, feeling wholeness.  And as the man stood in front of the woman who had loved his strong responsible self-control she did not recognise the open, feeling, authentic softness that stood before her either.

Did the couple walk forward together or alone?  That part of the story has not been written yet.


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It All Starts with Belief in Yourself.  Here’s How You Can Start to Believe!

12 months before the day I arrived at where I am now I had zero belief in myself and my ability to succeed.  It reflected in every single area of my life as a lack of success and it prevented me putting myself out there/into things 100% because of a fear of failure if I tried.  Whatever I tried, I just couldn’t truly believe I could succeed and I also feared that the higher I climbed on the ladder of success, the farther I would inevitably fall, so staying stuck was actually a very comfortable safety blanket.

It took me a really long time to set the intention to change my life for good and get to where I am today, but the time it took to do the work to arrive once I started, was literally months!  There is learning in that and I realised I could help a lot of people by sharing it.


feels good to fly

I have always had a calling to help people, and as I discovered the freedom I gained from working for myself, I felt drawn to specifically helping other visionary women achieve their dreams.  Women like me who feel like they have got more to give in this world, but have found themselves on the wrong track, or have started down the right track, but met obstacles like the money not coming in and so their confidence has depleted and their belief has faded that success will ever happen.  It’s easy to feel you can’t make a living out of the work that sets your soul on fire when you don’t experience success straight away.  And it’s easy to get blocked by fears, either conscious or unconscious, and the doubts that are created by fear, like belief in ourselves.

We can go on, controlled by our fears and trapped in our situation forever, if we want to, or we can set the intention like I did to change.  What did I change?  I started to invest in my own personal development, – I learned how to think, rather then what to think.  This supported me to change my mindset, supported me to release my limiting beliefs and completely transform my self-talk.  I became more positive and grew proud of my “I’ll figure it out” approach that I’d previously put myself down for and criticised as being a poor substitute for training and qualifications.

limiting belief_burning
Me burning my limiting beliefs… it felt liberating!

As my life transformed I realised something important.  We can sit around and wait for success to pass us by or we can take action and work on the one thing, the key ingredient, that is guaranteed to make us a success – ourselves.