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Do you have an inaction problem? If so, how do you overcome it?

Thought I’d mix things up and share a video blog with you today!

I’ve definitely been doing some deep inner work recently that has created some big, deep transformation (with monetary results!) in my business!

If you are on a Mission to make a difference in the world, but you feel like something holds you back and you can’t unleashing your gifts to your true potential, watch this!

On Wednesday night my Superhuman Secrets Training showed you how to start taking charge of your mind.

I’ve had such good feedback from the Masterclass:

As I am speaking at HerStory Auckland tomorrow and wanted to be able to offer my audience a way to continue their own learning after my talk and workshop, I will be running a replay of the Superhuman Secrets Masterclass this Sunday night.

You are so welcome to jump on, if you missed the Masterclass the first time round!

Contact me and I will send you the link!

In your high vibes, health, happiness and SUCCESS!

Clare x x x

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A thought (and tip) on limited beliefs!

You are the average of the five people you spend most time with ~ Jim Rohn

This means our community can make or break our success!

We have 70,000 thoughts buzzing around our mind every day and unfortunately, most of them are negative.  So who we hang around, what we listen and what influences our thoughts becomes significant.

  • What is your mental nutrition?
  • Who is lifting you up?
  • Who is inspiring you?
  • Who is pushing you forwards?
  • Who is supporting you?

Because all of us have limiting beliefs and they don’t need any help holding us back!

In fact, if you aren’t experiencing success in a particular area of your life right now I can almost guarantee a limiting belief is at play.

Last year began the process of interrogating my past experiences to understand the ones that had created my limiting beliefs around money, parenting and success.  Because they were all presenting as a crippling lack of belief in myself and this was BEFORE the experience that completely shut me down in fear.

You see, most of our limiting beliefs are created when we are children.  When we are between 2 & 6 years old our brains are like little sponges; we absorb everything and create our beliefs from what we observe innocently in our world.

And the thing is, we cannot change the experiences that happened in the past, we can only ever control what we do going forwards.  We can continue to live trapped by our limiting beliefs and our fears or we can make a decision to grow.

On my Facebook Page I posted today that my Manifestation Challenge is running again to help you choose empowering thoughts over negative ones and help change your focus.

Just think of it like programming – like your brain is just a big computer and you can download the new stuff you want on it, but you have to invest in the programming.

Otherwise every thought, will ping a big emotional charge like fear, which keeps you stuck.

And you know, I was stuck, really stuck 18 months ago.  And then suddenly out of nowhere an opportunity presented itself to move forward.

It was a business opportunity actually.

I couldn’t afford it

I didn’t believe I had it in me to achieve in it

But I couldn’t handle the idea that if I didn’t take it I was going to stay stuck!  That was the only reason I said yes to it!  That and I was kind of inspired by the idea of changing the world…

But the big message is that decision is directly responsible for where I am today because of the community it connected me to and the motivation and inspiration I surrounded myself with that encouraged me to believe in myself.

I upped my average

So, limiting beliefs, your mental nutrition, your community and your new programming.  I really recommend, even if it isn’t my free manifestation challenge, find one new way this week to start reprogramming your thoughts this week.

You can check out my last newsletter too to see some ideas you can try straight away!

In your happiness & high vibes!

CW x xx

Your Success Enabler

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It All Starts with Belief in Yourself.  Here’s How You Can Start to Believe!

12 months before the day I arrived at where I am now I had zero belief in myself and my ability to succeed.  It reflected in every single area of my life as a lack of success and it prevented me putting myself out there/into things 100% because of a fear of failure if I tried.  Whatever I tried, I just couldn’t truly believe I could succeed and I also feared that the higher I climbed on the ladder of success, the farther I would inevitably fall, so staying stuck was actually a very comfortable safety blanket.

It took me a really long time to set the intention to change my life for good and get to where I am today, but the time it took to do the work to arrive once I started, was literally months!  There is learning in that and I realised I could help a lot of people by sharing it.


feels good to fly

I have always had a calling to help people, and as I discovered the freedom I gained from working for myself, I felt drawn to specifically helping other visionary women achieve their dreams.  Women like me who feel like they have got more to give in this world, but have found themselves on the wrong track, or have started down the right track, but met obstacles like the money not coming in and so their confidence has depleted and their belief has faded that success will ever happen.  It’s easy to feel you can’t make a living out of the work that sets your soul on fire when you don’t experience success straight away.  And it’s easy to get blocked by fears, either conscious or unconscious, and the doubts that are created by fear, like belief in ourselves.

We can go on, controlled by our fears and trapped in our situation forever, if we want to, or we can set the intention like I did to change.  What did I change?  I started to invest in my own personal development, – I learned how to think, rather then what to think.  This supported me to change my mindset, supported me to release my limiting beliefs and completely transform my self-talk.  I became more positive and grew proud of my “I’ll figure it out” approach that I’d previously put myself down for and criticised as being a poor substitute for training and qualifications.

limiting belief_burning
Me burning my limiting beliefs… it felt liberating!

As my life transformed I realised something important.  We can sit around and wait for success to pass us by or we can take action and work on the one thing, the key ingredient, that is guaranteed to make us a success – ourselves.