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Coronavirus: Calamity & Chaos? Or Opportunity?

I just completed an EPIC Challenge with 25 entrepreneurs who wanted to take the chaos of Coronavirus to OPPORTUNITY!

By being more visible online and sharing a powerful message in front of the right people.

We started with connecting to who we really are and what we really want to do, how we really want to live and how we really want to feel!

Because the one thing I know is that doing what you love, is the million dollar prize.

It’s the biggest prize in life. It is incredible. Being able to do that for me was an opportunity birthed out of crisis.  In fact, the biggest opportunities for me have come through those times that really were the hardest times. So I really see the power in that for people right now.  The opportunity to step into your power, and I’ve been doing everything that I can to help….

Especially for those people in business.

Did you know that people are consuming 163% more content than before the Coronavirus?  So how do you put your message in front of more people more powerfully in a way that converts?

It starts with your focus.  If you focus on the calamity you’re going to get more calamity. If you focus on the opportunity, you’re going to ride through this crisis and come out better than you walked in!

We had an awesome example of this in the Challenge I just did.  On day one, I asked the group to set the intention to really show up over the next 5 days.  Within 24 hours, one of the Challenge participants shared she’d got the opportunity to get featured by an influencer with nearly 30,000 followers! Just by setting that intention.  This is the power of law of attraction and quantum physics. How you focus determines everything.

Aaron Velky described this as becoming “Opportunity-Attuned” in the training I was blessed to have with him last week.  Look at what you want to do and believe that it is possible.

If you need help with that, check out this month’s resources in my Superhuman Entrepreneurs Club.  There are two Guest Expert Trainings in there from my Mastermind Group this month.  The first one will really help you get clear on your vision and the second one teaches you through her story what is really possible, even if what you think you want is totally out the realm of what you’ve got! Access here or join my email list to get free access.

Because you see, everything is possible. Including finding out what you love, making it what you get paid for, to generate this huge impact that the world needs so much, and at the core of that is YOU.

When you are UNLEASHED from everything that is holding you back.

Imagine showing up in your life, doing what you love, getting paid for it, making an impact, generating an income and it happened BECAUSE you saw opportunity in this Coronavirus “chaos”.  Because you used it as an opportunity to get so focused on your vision that everything began to align, all the pieces started to line up, and as the vision became clearer, opportunities just started to appear.

It all starts with intention.

As you get clear on the vision and you get clear on your own value and you start giving that value out online, money does follow, because it’s a value exchange, right? People see the value in your value.

Where is the assessment of your value right now?  Is it on the value you can actually create or your self worth? If the latter, we must build that up too!  That self worth, that self-belief, that self-confidence and that vision because you are what’s going to build everything else.

So if you do have a business and your feathers have been ruffled by the Coronavirus…  maybe that’s your routine completely changing, or the kids being at kids the home  or your business being directly affected by the restrictions… whatever the chaos, now is the time to see your opportunity.

To become “Opportune Attuned” because there is a huge opportunity to show up right now, be bold, be courageous and be unstoppable in terms of sharing your voice, your mission and your message!

And I am hosting a free webinar on Wednesday night to show you HOW. It’s going to be awesome, but there are limited seats! Just register here to secure yours.

See you there!

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What is your deepest darkest confession?  The thing that you don’t feel like you can tell anyone about, but the thing that is holding you back in your life? 

At the beginning of January I committed to creating a video every day for 365 days to help others lift their vibration to manifest success.

You can see them at my YouTube Channel here.

I have had a lot of people reaching out to me since I began these videos.  It seems my suggestion that there is something deep down that holds us back is a true one for many, not just a reflection of my own experience.

When I finally began to work on myself, deeply last year, I discovered that my #1 value in life was freedom and everything in my life was the opposite – trapped and controlled because an experience I had 14 years ago had me living my life in a nice safe bubble.  I suffered with crippling anxiety and I learned that it was my brain, my mindset’s clever way to stop me straying out of that safe bubble.

I read a quote today that said, “you will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle” – Shannon L. Alder

And it really spoke to me.  I coached with my own incredible mentor 11 months before I shared my deepest, darkest confession.  I peeled back every single other onion layer before that point and I made big transitions forward.  However, it took 11 months for me to speak out what was deep inside and really putting my life on hold.

Do you have something that sits heavy in your heart?  Your own deepest darkest confession?  Not in the sense that it is something you have done, but in that you don’t feel like you can tell anyone about, or maybe even verbalise it properly, you just know it is holding you back in your life?

How would your life be different if you faced this issue?  Spoke it out?  Discovered it and its impact on you?  Or moreover the impact the world is waiting for you to make exactly because this thing happened to you?

Time is so valuable.  I mentioned that last year I discovered my #1 value was freedom and that everything about my life was the opposite.  Coaching helped me discover myself in a supported, gentle and confidential way.  In this way I discovered my past experiences had created beliefs that were limiting me.  In stripping those beliefs away, and walking forward as a completely different person, taking actions I’d never believed were possible for me before I now have freedom in all areas of my life that are important to me – time freedom to spend with my children, a schedule that is mine, not somebody else’s, more financial freedom, more fun and enjoyment in my life, and perhaps more important than anything else, freedom to serve.

The final piece of my self-discovery has been the connection to my purpose and my ability to live that purpose, that freedom and feel the release of almost everything that was holding me back.  This has completely changed my vibration, my ability to manifest and thus my success.  My past experience, the thing that once broke me is now a gift and the reason I am writing a book, the reason I finally got my coaching business off the ground and the reason I connected with an opportunity that is changing peoples’ lives.

What if your story, your deepest darkest confession, the thing that perhaps brings you despair, is the thing that will bring people hope?

Reach out to me if you are ready for your own journey of self-discovery to begin

In your high vibes & happiness,


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A thought (and tip) on limited beliefs!

You are the average of the five people you spend most time with ~ Jim Rohn

This means our community can make or break our success!

We have 70,000 thoughts buzzing around our mind every day and unfortunately, most of them are negative.  So who we hang around, what we listen and what influences our thoughts becomes significant.

  • What is your mental nutrition?
  • Who is lifting you up?
  • Who is inspiring you?
  • Who is pushing you forwards?
  • Who is supporting you?

Because all of us have limiting beliefs and they don’t need any help holding us back!

In fact, if you aren’t experiencing success in a particular area of your life right now I can almost guarantee a limiting belief is at play.

Last year began the process of interrogating my past experiences to understand the ones that had created my limiting beliefs around money, parenting and success.  Because they were all presenting as a crippling lack of belief in myself and this was BEFORE the experience that completely shut me down in fear.

You see, most of our limiting beliefs are created when we are children.  When we are between 2 & 6 years old our brains are like little sponges; we absorb everything and create our beliefs from what we observe innocently in our world.

And the thing is, we cannot change the experiences that happened in the past, we can only ever control what we do going forwards.  We can continue to live trapped by our limiting beliefs and our fears or we can make a decision to grow.

On my Facebook Page I posted today that my Manifestation Challenge is running again to help you choose empowering thoughts over negative ones and help change your focus.

Just think of it like programming – like your brain is just a big computer and you can download the new stuff you want on it, but you have to invest in the programming.

Otherwise every thought, will ping a big emotional charge like fear, which keeps you stuck.

And you know, I was stuck, really stuck 18 months ago.  And then suddenly out of nowhere an opportunity presented itself to move forward.

It was a business opportunity actually.

I couldn’t afford it

I didn’t believe I had it in me to achieve in it

But I couldn’t handle the idea that if I didn’t take it I was going to stay stuck!  That was the only reason I said yes to it!  That and I was kind of inspired by the idea of changing the world…

But the big message is that decision is directly responsible for where I am today because of the community it connected me to and the motivation and inspiration I surrounded myself with that encouraged me to believe in myself.

I upped my average

So, limiting beliefs, your mental nutrition, your community and your new programming.  I really recommend, even if it isn’t my free manifestation challenge, find one new way this week to start reprogramming your thoughts this week.

You can check out my last newsletter too to see some ideas you can try straight away!

In your happiness & high vibes!

CW x xx

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