How to make money by doing nothing at all

I’m not going to lie.

On Christmas Day when I woke up to the message saying there was $500 winging it’s way to my account I was pretty happy. 

I had made this money 100% passively. 

Meaning I had no active part in generating this cash. Pretty sweet during Christmas holidays, right?

This was the second time in 2020 I’d been grateful for my passive income stream. 

The first time was a little after the world went into lockdown with covid. I made a bum move in my business (thanks to a scarcity fear I thought I’d put to bed) and went from 10k a month to zero in income from my coaching business. 

I used the money from my passive income stream to put food on the table for my kids. 

Then I went hell for leather working on myself. 

That was the last month I had zero income months in my business. They went back to 10k, then up to 15k and this month I ran a 43k month. All through using my #personalstoryformula and all through these months I’ve had that happy $500 coming in on automation. 


I would love to share with you. 

One thing I know is that choosing entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but for me it has been the most liberating journey of my life.

I’m too creative to work in someone else’s job and I love having my own time too much (especially to be a stay at home mum) to adhere to someone else’s schedule. 

In the 6 years I have been choosing entrepreneurship I have seen a lot of people fail or keep hustling with no real income coming in at all. 

And I can see now what is the difference between me and them. 

The decision to invest in myself. 

A client messaged me this morning with this:

“It’s so right [what you said in our session]. It’s [my lack of traction] has all been a reflection on me and how I’ve been.”

After our session yesterday she’d had some big wins in her business. 

I have the same story.

I didn’t invest in a Coach and find out some magic strategy I hadn’t heard of before. I invested in a Coach and got to eat some hard truth. 

– My scarcity mindset was crippling me
– I had no self belief
– I was drowning in trauma
– I had no clue who I really wanted to work with and how I wanted to help them with my #personalstoryformula 
– And I was letting my fear RULE my bank balance. 

That is what changed when I got a Coach. 

For my fellow entrepreneurs, nothing has changed because nothing has changed. 

They are still fighting the same old demons within them. And they don’t even know it. Because we can’t see those blindspots ourselves. 

So, I want to invite you to speak to me. 

I’m opening my diary to speak to you if:

– You’re curious how a passive income can become your Plan B and be a nice surprise in your bank balance each month

– You’re ready to level up and start doing what you’re Soul calls you to do

– If anything in this email has resonated with you

Fill out the form and I’ll come back to you with some time options to chat. 

Looking forward to chatting with you ✨