Mindy Smith

I decided to go through Clare’s 7 week programme, From Fear to Fierce because for the last year and a half, I have worked on building my business impulsively, going with what inspired me at the time but I haven’t had any consistency with my actions. I did what I could at that time to try and mould my business into something I was happy with, but I wasn’t resonating with the business model.

My confidence had depleted completely because it felt like the whole thing was taking forever and I wasn’t getting anywhere fast and I was in hiding from it. I had been reading quite a lot and I was trying to take control of how I could muster up the knowledge on developing my business from an intuitive angle. I wanted to do this so the process felt more natural and not forced.

When I got into coaching with Clare, she understood exactly what I was trying to do and that I was trying to grow my business using my intuition. Doing it this way felt more natural and left me feeling excited about the process rather than confused from any kind of “strategic plan”. I think it’s important to state that I am not a business plan kind of girl in any way, shape or form. I’m not the kind of person that has to follow step by step instructions written to myself because I know how quickly I can change my mind or that I might be inspired and run off with another lightening wave of an idea that turns out to be amazing and it wipes out the written plan!

Clare and I have really similar views and beliefs, so I could let go of all my worries about talking about the stuff that others may class as “woo woo”. What I wanted to do was to strengthen that intuition and make it more consistent, so my business could come from a place of love and fun. I wanted my business to flow and not feel like work.

The major milestones I have achieved since working with Clare are being able to let go of the control, being able to just believe in myself, follow my gut and trust myself. Clare’s ability to make me understand why I felt the way I felt has been a massive eye opener and has helped me further to understand how my brain works and how I can develop my feelings towards my business. She has helped me lean into that and embrace it wholeheartedly which has helped me to launch my business with confidence and with pure eclectic happiness with zero doubt as to what I’m doing which is a far shout from where I was.

Throughout our time together, Clare has made me question the areas of my business that I wasn’t comfortable with such as putting myself out there on social media, I wasn’t comfortable with people knowing my business as I was scared of being judged or unsupported which for obvious reasons I needed to get over if I wanted to earn any cash!

I now feel like I have stepped foot onto the right path with my business launch and now ideas and excitement flow to me every day, I’ve now become a bit of a workaholic and love being at my laptop rather than shying away from it.

I would certainly work with Clare again on the next stage of upscaling my business. Thank you for your time Clare, it’s been fun and enlightening.