Miriam Hummingbird Tio

Life coaching is something I’d always wanted to try. I mostly wanted to give it a go to help me with goal setting and the then follow through of those goals. My standard practice was to start a project and then it would get a little hard and I would give up or not bother with it, especially as I was able to use the “I dont’ have time” excuse.

Since starting coaching with Clare I’ve identified where I drop the ball with my ideas and how to get my ideas to some kind of fruition.  I’ve started to realise one of the ideas that I’ve had for a while, yet knew I would struggle with actually beginning the implementation process. Coaching has helped me identify my personality traits, those which are positive and those which impede me from moving forward. By identifying these barriers I’m able to overcome them and so move forward with my goals.

Clare has such a bright positive way of getting you to look within yourself. She is passionate about coaching and really cares for you and getting the best results!

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