Stephanie Gifkins

Clare is truly great at what she does.  Before I began working with Clare I was in a really dark place, I was suffering tremendously with depression, my Anxiety/Panic disorder was causing me to be a social recluse and on top of that I was on the verge of an Eating Disorder relapse. I reached out to Clare and we began coaching. The work I have been doing with Clare has by no means been easy, as with anything that challenges your perspective it took a lot of hard work, changing something that’s hardwired in your brain takes time and energy yet, I am reaping the benefits. For the first time in a long time I was able to look in the mirror and smile at my reflection (which, while this may seem small, was a huge victory for me). I now have a great deal of gratitude for the world around me and a wonderful friend/coach to help me deal with what the world throws at me.