The Science

Our body is a treasure chest of answers and can help us to live a long and healthy life.

  • Our DNA is an instruction manual for the way we should eat and move to avoid chronic disease and weight gain
  • Our heart rate can tell us about our state of wellness and fitness
  • Our stress levels and fatigue are warning signals that positive change is needed
  • Our blood pressure can give us information about whether our diet is working for us
  • The quality of our sleep can indicate our risk of obesity, diabetes and heart problems.

There are so many choices in the modern day world related to our health.  If we don’t know what our body needs, how can we choose from them?  Many people end up confused and take no action, or they take the wrong action and fail.

I work to take the guesswork out for you and provide you with monthly actionable wellness plans and supplements that are personalised to your DNA, your lifestyle data, or both.

Welcome to the holy grail of wellness!

The process of your DNA revealing to you who you really are and working to this with personalised solutions.  Known as Epigenetics, the analysis of how we can turn our genes “on” and “off” depending on our lifestyle choices is front and centre of this personalised wellness solution.  Epigenetics says that while our genetics are a loaded gun, it is our lifestyle that pulls the trigger, so like a hand of cards we can either play our genes really well to live a long, healthy life, or play them badly to suffer diseases we may have avoided, weight gain and more.

Nutrigenomics is the study of how our food affects our genes specifically and of how genetic variations affect the way we react to to nutrients.