Stop spinning your wheels and feeling frustrated!!!


To Generate More Income & Impact in your Business!

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Overcome Yourself, Leverage your Personal Story & Explode your Online Influence to Attract those Ideal Clients & Increase Sales!

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This is the exact way I went from creating packages and offering products, only to be disappointed, frustrated and broke when nobody bought them, to having high conversion rates on higher ticket items than I’d ever sold before!  The system I teach has worked on myself and for my clients, so that they can have a greater impact on our world with an offering that actually converts into the income that they deserve.

For many years of my I was locked in a survival mode:

  • Responding to my situation
  • Playing small
  • And not showing up in my full potential!

Obviously my earnings reflected!

And I felt totally out of alignment with my Soul Goal; that one deep purpose we are born onto this earth for, even though I couldn’t describe what it was!

I was miserable, unfulfilled and lacking hope.

I was hustling, working every hour, refusing to invest in help because of a money mindset and self-limiting beliefs that ran deep and were extremely damaging.

I struggled like this for three years!

Until I turned my success around in 3 months by investing a proven system for success and finally taking ownership of my own personal blocks to success.

I learned how to position and package my business in the most effective way to generate the impact and income I want!

Are you?

  • Struggling to stay in consistent action that produces the results you want?
  • Seeing the opportunity in online marketing but waiting to fully nail it!
  • Not connecting in the most powerful way with the right audience for you to boost your sales and income?
  • Looking to scale up from a “ just scraping by” monthly income, to scale to $10k+ months!  You know you have a powerful personal story.  It’s the reason you found your business in the first place, but you need to understand how you leverage that online to enable the lifestyle and business of your dreams!
  • Ready for a proven strategic framework that takes away your stress and frustration!
  • Spending money on Facebook ads or clickfunnels and getting low or no conversion?
  • Wasting time on social media without an effective strategy that converts followers to income?
  • Feeling confused and not sure the best way to get eyes on your business?
  • Missing the online boat completely because you lack confidence and feel like you wouldn’t know where to start if you tried?

Which one of those describes you?  Or do you resonate with a few or all of these?!

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Another thing I frequently see is people stuck behind themselves. 

Stuck in the same survival mode I was in without even knowing it, created from the stories that they play in their mind on autopilot.  “I’m not good enough to teach people this”, “I don’t know enough”, “people will judge me”, “I don’t have a powerful story”.

Let’s be honest.

Everybody has been through something that has left a footprint, an impact on their life in a negative way.  It is not the trauma itself that damages us. It’s the meaning that we take from that trauma and how that frames our identity and how that affects how we show up in our present.

We get stuck, play small and we hold back from taking the massive action that would shift us.

I can help you change all of that.  I help you become a #RecoveredSurvivor.

No longer going out and wasting money and time on courses and coaching to improve your skill set, especially around marketing, when it’s your mindset that is lacking!

It’s our mindset that truly leads to our most powerful and authentic action!

Exponential growth in our mindset leads to exponential growth in our business!

My proven process builds indestructible mindset and bulletproof belief, intimately connects you to your Soul Goal and Personal Story and enables you to show up confidently every day online and leverage your online presence with purposeful content and a plan that means you are no longer wasting precious time or spending money on ads that don’t convert into the clients and customers that generate the impact and income you want.

Work with me for PROVEN results!

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What people are saying about working with Clare!

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Clare is helping Soul Fired UP Female Entrepreneurs across the world to Unleash their TRUE, Inner Potential to generate more Income and Impact through their businesses!

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People sign up to u_UNLEASHED because they feel their potentiality untapped, but are lacking the “how” to take everything to the next level.  They are READY to live life on their terms and create the freedom-based lifestyle that is epically aligned to their Soul Goal!

Are you?

  • Frustrated? You are ready for your earnings to reflect the hard work you do
  • Hustling?  Working too many hours, on a hamster wheel or feeling chaotic, trying new things for them not to work, feeling stuck
  • Playing small?  You know it, or you suspect it, but you are ready to take massive action!
  • Showing up online, but not seeing conversion?  Doing the live videos, using calls to action, engaging in stories, etc.  It’s taking up your time and not converting to cash!
  • Feeling a lack of alignment?  You know there is more for you than what you are doing right now.  You are feeling the discomfort of not realising it.  You know you have potentiality UNTAPPED!

If this sounds like you,  Apply for u_UNLEASHED NOW!

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  • Not just another strategy you won’t use
  • Not your average marketing support
  • PROVEN to save you time and money, whilst INCREASING your income as well
  • PROVEN to take away that feeling of chaos and overwhelm you feel
  • PROVEN to get you off the sidelines of your business success and into the game!


Take action NOW to apply, as spaces to work with me are extremely limited and I don’t want you to miss out if I have spaces available!

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  1. I’m busy and limited on time. Should I bother applying?
    YES! Here’s why… u_UNLEASHED is going to help you FAST-TRACK your results from Day 1.  I truly understand you are busy! That’s why I want to help you build your online business in the most simple and easy way possible. We are in this together, and the goal is to help you create a business model that actually supports your dream lifestyle, not detracts from it. It took me 3 years to learn this stuff, so I can teach you from the comfort of your sofa.  By month 3 I expect you to see the success I was having and I’m seeing my Clients have in their personal lives and businesses, Wwith significant shifts in the first month!
    In the program, I walk you through step-by-step everything you need to know to be able to scale your online reach and convert more clients and customers. You’ll set a goal and work backwards from it – which means you’re only spending time on the Superhuman Success Steps that directly impact your growth.
    Here’s what two of clients have said in Coaching sessions when I asked them about their wins:
    “I got a new business partner this week and I am feeling more high vibe and content than ever, which is great!”
    – Natalie, Network Marketer, New Zealand
    “I finally feel confident in the pillars of my brand so I know how to leverage my personal story through my social media marketing and connect my audience better to me, to build the ‘know, like & trust’ effect that makes more sales!”
    – Harley, Popcorn Manufacturer, New Zealand.  Both of these clients are only 4 weeks into their programme!  What could you achieve with some dedicated support?
  2. What makes the u_UNLEASHED Coaching different?
    Well, first of all, I made it for you!  I’ve also personally invested over $100,000 into my own personal and professional development and received mentorship from some of the world’s most successful coaches, as well as developing and testing my own expert strategies for myself and with my clients, which means I know a thing or two about what works, and what doesn’t.
    You will also be investing in that exact proven strategy plus get online resources in my Mynddojo and access me personally in our 1:1 sessions to get your direct questions answered. We will celebrate and support each other, share our stretches, and you can ask your strategic questions to help create the breakthroughs you need. This mentoring is completely personalised and laser focused – you’ll be able to get your burning questions answered and learn from a mentor who has done the hard yards and taken the learnings already.
  3. How can I be sure the u_UNLEASHED Programme will work for me?
    Success happens for you when you put in the work. It’s virtually impossible to work with me and not experience some big breakthrough – both in your mindset and in your business. (It certainly isn’t something I have experienced yet in 4 years of coaching!) Just show up for yourself, chuck out your excuses, do the work to really believe what you want is possible and dig into the online resources to roll out your strategy.  Make sure you ask powerful strategic questions during our calls to identify the strategy that is going to work for you.  You’ll get a personal 1:1 Activation call in week 1 so we can really understand what you what to achieve across the duration of the programme and how you get there.
  4. Can I download the materials in the Member’s area?
    Yes, everything is able to be saved and downloaded to any device assuming you keep your devices updated and there is enough storage space for the size of the files.
  5. How long do I have access to the online resources?
    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the programme material for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.
  6. What if I am unhappy with the programme?
    I would never want you to be unhappy!  If you show up to every coaching call for 30 days, participate in the suggested activities, take your activation session, submit and review as per the weekly accountability process and you are still unsatisfied, I will give you a full refund.
  7. Is there a payment plan?