8, 12 or 16 Week Programme working with MindBody & Success Coach, Clare Williamson

Clare is helping high level men & women across the world to leverage their Mind, Body & Personal Story and Unleash their TRUE, Inner Potential!

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People sign up to u_UNLEASHED because they feel their potentiality untapped, but are lacking the “how” to take everything to the next level.  They are READY to live life on their terms and create the freedom-based lifestyle that is epically aligned to their Soul Goal.

Join the Movement!

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8/12 or 16 weeks of Coaching to realise your Goals

Designed specifically for people who are ready to make more money, more impact

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Get access to online resources and personalised coaching for

  • Superhuman Mindset & Performance
  • Shotgun Strategy
  • Killer Content Marketing!

PLUS!  Every u_UNLEASHED Client receives free access to my signature Extreme Wellness Coaching to integrate Biohacking, Epigenetics & Nutrigenomics into your Wellness Plan.


What to Expect from u_UNLEASHED

  1. Discovery Welcome Pack
  2. Weekly Personalised 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  3. Access to the online CW MyndDojo
  4. Private Facebook Group

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