VYVO Smart Kit

The VYVO Smart Kit comes with the following:

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The VYVO SmartLife Kit provides you with everything you need to live a healthy life and target your food and exercise choices for the best outcomes, including a healthy weight, a great physique and avoiding disease.

As part of this kit you get access to the SmartLifeOracle for one month at Pro Subscription level, where in addition to monthly, actionable nutrition and fitness reports you also get tailor-made supplements 100% personalised to your body’s needs.

You also receive a discount voucher for the brand new BioSense band, which is the 4th generation wearable technology available to measure your personal biometrics.

To read about the BioSense band, click here.

The BioSense band is currently in production and will be available to you for just USD$50 in April, with the purchase of this SmartLife kit.

To see what the SmartID for your band can do for you, click here.

Why the VYVO BioSense Band is so crucial to the SmartLife Solution

You may have noticed that your sensitivities to food and medication have changed throughout your life.

This is because the EXPRESSION of our genes change. This affects our health and our lives.

How can the genes’ expression change?

Our stress levels, social surroundings, physical activity and our overall lifestyle all contribute to gene expression – or how our cells respond to their changing environment. What we eat is no exception. The nutrients in our food interact with our genes. The study of this interaction is known as Nutrigenomics. So we are not our genes and we have a choice in how our health plays out throughout our life. We can switch off our genes depending on what we do and sometimes we will have patterns of genes on at any one time.

That’s why our internal chemistry is as different as a fingerprint! Not many will appreciate fully what we have… And we have ONLY just started!

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*DNA tests and BioSense bands can be purchased independently of the pack, but there is the best value in the VYVO SmartLife Kit (nearly NZD$400 of value, around the same price of buying the DNA kit independently, depending on shipping.)

A layby payment is also available for DNA, where you can pay NZD$85/month for 5 months and receive the DNA report in month 6.

Please talk to me for more details.