Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live – Jim Rohn

If you want to take care of your body, you have to start deep within, with our body’s life forces; microscopic energy factories called Mitochondria.  These are the Superheroes of our Wellness and they are under attack from bad sleep, bad diet, lack of exercise and the toxins flooding our lives. This causes mitochondrial dysfunction and is a characteristic of aging and all chronic diseases.  For example, loss of function in our mitochondria can result in the excess fatigue and other symptoms in just about every chronic disease you can imagine

  • Heart disease, diabetes and auto-immune disease are all associated with mitochondrial dysfunction
  •  Some psychiatric conditions, such as autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, and bipolar mood disorders are associated with mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia have mitochondrial near-failure as a prominent component
  • Cancer initiation and progression has been linked to oxidative stress

If we want to avoid or recover from any of these chronic diseases we need to  adopt a lifestyle that helps us protect and boost our Mitochondrial health, but with so many solutions out there offering to help, where do we start?

We start at the beginning.  We get back to understanding our body what is causing our free radicals to get out of balance.  These are what cause oxidative stress and inflammation and threaten our mitochondrial health.

We need to reduce toxins, exercise, sleep well, eat well and avoid stress, but it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.  What if we could design a plan based on our own unique triggers to oxidative stress and biggest threats to our mitochondrial health?

What if we could design a plan that is unique to our body’s own DNA sequencing and how it responds to different foods and care?

Our body is speaking to us all the time. Maybe as the pace of life has got faster, as we have got busier and more devices and excitement have distracted us, we have become more dependent on others to tell us what is wrong, rather than listen to our own bodies.  When we are “sick” we reach for synthetic medicine to make us well, which is jam-packed full of the toxins that challenge our body’s health.  Toxins in general are becoming more and more of a problem since the introduction of pesticides, herbicides, decaying water pipes, other infrastructure problems, vaccinations, wireless technology and GMO.

The Easy Way to Improve your Mitochondrial Health is to start monitoring your own bioparameters to fully understand what your body needs.  Click here to view an unparalleled technology created to do this and link in with your health provider, like your doctor, osteo or naturopath.


To learn about EMF safety, one of the biggest threats to our mitochondrial health, click here

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To begin reducing the other toxins in your life, visit my linked website, Essential Mum.  Here I share my key tools to reducing toxins easily as a family and the benefits it has had on our lives.


You can also support your mitochondria to become active again by supplementing your body with Pure Oxygen.  This is a portable machine that is easy to use and effective.  Learn more here:

Pure Oxygen Therapy for Wellness

I recommend using all of these solutions in tandem with each other, as our bodies are a little like a flower in terms of how we are an ecosystem and so if one area of our life is unwell the flower cannot blossom and thrive.

I can work with you to adopt a better lifestyle and refer you to other health practitioners that can support you as well. Please click here to discover more about working with me in your wellness. Or contact me for a chat on the phone or Skype about your needs.