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  • Are you ready to break through your walls and embrace everything that you’ve been through that has served you, and prepared you, for something greater?

  • Are you ready to believe that abundance is waiting for you to be ready to receive it?

  • Are you ready to stop anticipating lack and struggle, stop worrying, stop stressing, stop living in fear and start living with the joy and wonder you experienced as a child for what each new day brings?

The solution is in your journey.  website 1

So many solutions sell us on the vision of the outcome we want – to be slimmer, happier, healthier, more successful.  It causes us to work tirelessly towards an outcome that may or may not happen for us.  CW Solutions support you to enjoy the process and experience the deep, fulfilling reward of progress that is ever evolving.

If you are ready for the freedom to find your own answers and you are ready to enjoy a more gratifying, fulfilling way of life, every thought, every feeling, every emotional habit, and every word you say COUNTS hereon out.

Starting with you saying YES to yourself…

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In order for things to change, we must change some things… as the saying goes. If you are ready to do that, click here

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Clare is truly great at what she does.  Before I began working with Clare I was in a really dark place, I was suffering tremendously with depression, my Anxiety/Panic disorder was causing me to be a social recluse and on top of that I was on the verge of an Eating Disorder relapse. I reached out to Clare and we began coaching. The work I have been doing with Clare has by no means been easy, as with anything that challenges your perspective it took a lot of hard work, changing something that’s hardwired in your brain takes time and energy yet, I am reaping the benefits. For the first time in a long time I was able to look in the mirror and smile at my reflection (which, while this may seem small, was a huge victory for me). I now have a great deal of gratitude for the world around me and a wonderful friend/coach to help me deal with what the world throws at me.


Stephanie Gifkins

I have been privileged to have attended Clare’s 7 week coaching course, From Fear to Fierce. During that time due to her work with me I have seen a massive shift in my life’s current direction. Having started the course harbouring a creative block and majoring on a pretty hard hit to my self confidence, I have emerged through the end of the course with clarity about the direction I am taking in life on a vocational, financial and spiritual level.  Clare has provided a space for me to sort through my priorities alongside providing the platform for achieving the goals I have decided to aim for. She conducts her coaching with the utmost integrity and she is completely client focused. I would not hesitate to recommend her as she is one of the most outstanding coaches I have worked with. The change that occurred in my attitude and the resulting life changes that have occurred in 7 short weeks are testimony to the effectiveness of her coaching.

Wendy Kelly